Fabulash Lounge has some policies in place to ensure the best experience for both you and us artists! 
By scheduling an appointment with us, you are agreeing to these policies so please read through them carefully and thoroughly. 


Lash memberships cannot be cancelled at any time during the term. If you wish to no longer be serviced, automatic payments will continue until the term is over. Clients are not permitted to switch lash styles at any time during the term. 

Cancellations and No-Shows

Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to avoid a fee. If a cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance, you may be subject to a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the original service cost. No-shows will result in a full charge of the original service cost.  A credit card is required on file for all clients. 


Arrival after 15 minutes following your appointment time may be subject to a rescheduled appointment. After this time, the appointment is considered a no-show, which will result in a full charge of the original service cost. 

Lash Fills

You must have 40% of your lash extensions remaining to be qualified for a proper fill. Retention under 40%  may be subject to a rescheduled full set appointment. 


Aftercare instructions provided by your lash artist must be followed diligently.  Failure to follow aftercare instructions may result in removal of the lash extensions, risk of eye infection, and poor retention which could result in a full set. We cannot guarantee the longevity and retention of your lash extensions if aftercare is not followed. 

Foreign Fills

We can fill over work done by a previous lash artist given that the lash extensions are applied properly and to our standards. If the extensions are applied improperly or damaging your natural lashes in any way, you may be subject to a removal and/or rescheduled full set appointment. We cannot guarantee the results of any work that is done over a previous lash artists work. 

Free Touch Ups

If for some reason you are unsatisfied with the work you received or are experiencing pre-mature lash fall out, you can schedule a free touch up appointment within 7 days of your original appointment. Free touch ups are at the discretion of the Fabulash team. 





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What clients are saying...

"These ladies are very knowledgable about the services they provide"


"The customer service was great and the atmosphere was beautiful and clean. I highly recommend!"

"I walk out of there feeling GORGEOUS
every time!"


"First of all, the girls are all so nice and easy to talk to, yet still so professional and amazing at what they do. I've tried other lash techs in the city but Fabulash is definitely the best!" 

"Fabulash offers great customer service along with an overall amazing atmosphere!"


"My lashes always turn  out amazing and the lash technicians always listen to exactly what your looking for and execute it perfectly each and every time. I definitely recommend booking an appointment with any lash tech that is available."

"Love the girls here! They make you feel gorgeous and they are so friendly."


"My lashes always look amazing and I definitely recommend Fabulash Lounge to anyone! "