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Lash lift and tints are a subtle way to enhance your natural lashes. Unlike extensions, lift and tints do not use any type of synthetic lash extension. Your natural lashes are permed and tinted to add curl and darkness. They are a super low maintenance option. Lift and tints typically last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. 

Lift and tints are ideal for clients who want a very subtle enhancement to their natural lashes. 
Price: $75


Lift + Tint

Toss your mascara babe! Enhance your natural lashes with one of our luxury lash services. Our master lash artists specialize in classic, hybrid, volume, mega volume lash extensions, and lift & tints. 

Classic Lashes

Hybrid lashes are the perfect middle ground. They are a 50/50 mix of classic extensions and volume fans. Hybrids provide a bit more length and volume for an everyday, wearable look without fully committing to the density of a volume set. 

Hybrid lashes are ideal for clients with healthy natural lashes. We utilize the layers of natural lashes to seamlessly blend the classic and volume extensions together.

Full Set: $180
Fills: $85

Hybrid Lashes

Volume lashes are the most popular set that we offer. Volume fans are made up of 2-7 extensions  and they are applied to each natural lash.. Volume lashes provide  volume and thickness for a more dramatic look. 

Volume lashes are ideal for any client! If you have a full, healthy lash line, your volumes will turn out very full and dark. They are also the most ideal set for clients with mature, thin and sparse natural lashes, as they are lightweight and fully customizable to each lash. 

Full Set: $200
Fills: $95

Volume Lashes

Mega volume lashes are the most dramatic, dense and dark lashes you can get! Mega volume fans are made up of 10-20 extensions to create a very full, "blackout" look. They are the polar opposite of natural! 

Mega is ideal for any client. Just like volume, the density will depend on the amount of natural lashes you have.

Full Set: $220
Fills: $115

Mega Volume Lashes

The strip lash look is a very trendy and popular lash style at the moment. Strip lash styling can be achieved  with any type of set depending on the density you are looking for.  They mimic the  texture and look  of a glue-on strip lash. Strip lash styling adds a lot of texture and dimension to your lash set. 

Strip lash styling is ideal for clients with many layers of natural lashes as we utilize them for creating the texture and dimension. 

Full Set: $200
Fills: $95

Strip Lash Look

The wet lash look is also a very trendy and popular style of lash extensions. They mimic the way that mascara would look and tend to also look like wet volume extensions. Closed volume fans are placed on each natural lash to achieve a super textured and thick effect. Wet lash sets tend to look very dark, textured and choppy. 

Wet lash is ideal for clients who have healthy natural lashes. 

Full Set: $200
Fills: $95

Wet Lash Look

Classic lashes are the most natural option where one extension is attached to each natural lash. Classic lashes emphasize the eyes by adding a bit of length and definition without adding too much volume. 

Classic lashes are ideal for clients with healthy, dense natural lashes. Classic extensions are the heaviest extensions we use, so they are generally not ideal for clients with thin, sparse natural lashes. 

Full Set: $160
Fills: $75

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